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Founded in 1999, Quinta do Ferro is a family project, located on the right bank of the Douro River in Gestaçô Baião, a sub-region of the Vinho Verde region, and on the border with the Douro region. Also known as “Douro Verde”, this piece of land is blessed with the best of 2 worlds.


At Quinta do Ferro, the focus was on autochthonous varieties, thus producing only Portuguese grapes, they are Avesso, a native variety of Gestaçô Baião, a unique and original white grape, with a strong and complex personality. Arinto, a white grape planted all over the country, aromatic, fresh, with good acidity and minerality. And finally, a grape that is often misunderstood, the vine, a red and dyer grape, with a strong nature, planted mainly in the north of the country, and which in our vineyard loses its typical roughness, and gains elegance and softness, due to the characteristics of our vineyards. terroir.


Our 2 main vineyards, are under a special microclimate and are of granitic soil, which gives it minerality, salinity and a vegetal touch, one vineyard is at almost 400 meters of altitude, known for being the riverine vineyard, the other is at more than 600 meters of altitude, considered to be a mountain vineyard. This is our main vineyard, the mountain vineyard, and it is from here that the grapes for our sparkling wine are harvested, it has the fundamental characteristics for a good sparkling wine base, the grapes here naturally have the perfect alcohol and acidity to make sparkling wine.


Quinta do Ferro was a pioneer in its foundation, being the 1st winery in the region to be built and designed from scratch to produce sparkling wine, we are still today the great producer and reference of sparkling wine in the Vinho Verde region, having in our portfolio, at the moment, 8 types of sparkling wine on the market.


Quinta do Ferro is awarded nationally and internationally and has received good reviews from the world's great "opinion makers", such as Robert Parker and Sarah Ahmed.

We already are


Portugal, England, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy,

China,  Taiwan, Japan


Mission - Sociedade de Agro Turismo QUINTA DO FERRO Lda, has the mission of producing and marketing sparkling wines and still wines, white, rosé and red, and dried fruits (walnuts and chestnuts), in national territory.


QUINTA DO FERRO products are synonymous with quality, bringing prestige, guarantee, dedication and professionalism products to the market.


"A IRREVERENCE OF GREEN", is the phrase that reveals the spirit of the wine and positioning in the market, as well as the whole team that collaborates so that the products are of superior quality and competitive in the market.



Values ​​- Because our irreverence starts with commitment!


Because Integrity is part of us and that's the only way we know how to be in business.

Because Innovation means going further and better, and that's why we believe in what we do!

Because on earth we sow our dreams and reap the future from it!

Because we are young like our wine, and passion bubbles up in us like our sparkling wine!

Because only with the tradition and wisdom of the past, we can shape the future.



Vision - Commitment and irreverence – Quinta do Ferro has been standing out for the bold way in which it has made strong investments in the sector, not only in the quality of the wine produced but also in the business sphere.



Quality - "If we add a good natural product to the business experience, we will be able to do a good job".

Innovation - QUINTA DO FERRO's intention was to provide the entire operation with the most modern technical solutions, in order to obtain the highest quality at lower costs.



Assessment - Vinho Verde is a product directly and naturally derived from regional constraints and without technological artifices. Hence, its technology is extremely simple, as it is integrated into a stable set, which underlies its claim to be what the vineyard produces.


A correct technique, which may seem simplistic to those who are unprepared, is limited, in addition to total hygiene of the cellar and the winemaking material - and therein lies much of its refinement, to seek to guarantee the best conditions for the favorable regional zymological flora of work.


The great improvement of wines has to be done in the vineyard, for its judicious implantation, for the careful choice of the best varieties for each specific case that is faced, for the care of cultivation and for a technology well understood and applied.


As for the wine production process at QUINTA DO FERRO, there is a strong team to which prestigious winemakers belong who ensure the quality of the product, carrying out regular tests and tastings, based on the latest state-of-the-art technology. It was necessary to carry out the earthworks of the entire area of ​​the farm, since the previously existing vineyards were obsolete and were arranged in terraces.


The initial idea was to provide the entire operation with the most modern technical solutions, in order to obtain the highest quality at lower costs. The next step was to improve more and more the vinification equipment and increase the product distribution network.


QUINTA DO FERRO sparkling wine required a heavy investment, mainly because it was necessary to acquire a cold room to proceed with at least nine months of maturation, in addition to other essential equipment in the production of a good sparkling wine using only the classic method.

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